Biologists have discovered that rapid cell metabolism causes aging

(ORDO NEWS) — Hypermetabolism of cells leads to their accelerated aging. Mitochondria are the organelles of cells that supply them with energy.

It has long been assumed that mitochondrial defects, which impair the conversion of food into usable energy, cause cells to slow down their metabolic rate in an attempt to conserve energy.

However, it turned out that cells with damaged mitochondria due to diseases double their energy expenditure.

Moreover, reanalysis of data from hundreds of patients with various mitochondrial diseases showed that mitochondrial defects also increase the energy cost of life at the whole body level.

However, this has a side effect: this accelerated metabolism also destroys cell telomeres (the ends of chromosomes) and increases the response to stress and inflammation.

Shortening of telomeres is considered one of the main signs of aging.

“When cells expend more energy to produce proteins and other substances necessary for short-term survival, they are likely to steal resources from processes that ensure long-term survival, such as maintaining telomeres,” says Gabriel Sturm, one of the authors of the work.

This may explain why people with mitochondrial diseases experience fatigue and exercise intolerance, among other symptoms.

“To compensate for the extra energy use in your cells, your body is telling you not to overexert yourself, to conserve energy.

We probably see the same dynamics as people age and their vitality declines, ”the scientists explain.

The authors believe that in the search for new treatments for mitochondrial diseases, researchers should focus on hypermetabolism.

In addition, regulation of metabolism has the potential to slow down aging in healthy individuals as well.


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