Bill Gates’ sun blocking project could lead to human extinction

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(ORDO NEWS) — The problem of global warming is reaching a new level. Harvard scientists have developed a project that involves spraying calcium carbonate (CaCO 3 ) into the atmosphere to reflect the sun’s rays. Bill Gates has invested in the development in the hope that it will help cool the planet.

The spraying of particles, according to plans, will be carried out at an altitude of 11-50 kilometers. Environmentalists are convinced that if calcium carbonate works, industrial emissions will only increase. It is difficult to disagree with them.

Cooling will also lead to significant changes in ecosystems that may not be able to adapt to extreme cold. The first phase of the mission will start in June in Sweden. It involves launching a ball with equipment to control the spraying process, but the substance itself will not spread. A small amount of calcium carbonate is planned for later.

Geoscientists recognize that the project is very risky for both animals and humans. However, there are also positive aspects: calcium carbonate can help restore the ozone layer. We will find out very soon how the first tests will end.


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