Bill Gates spoke sharply about conspiracy theory regarding mass-coding

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — For quite some time now, it has been circulating on the Web that allegedly Bill Gates, the American millionaire and founder of the well-known Microsoft company, plans to chip, if not the whole world, then most of it for sure.

Conspiracy theories began to be built after users recalled an interview with an entrepreneur two years ago. He said that in the near future an epidemic could happen, humanity will require a vaccine. After such words, many decided that Bill Gates was involved in the epidemic of coronavirus. Perhaps he even sponsored the creation of the virus, in order to later chipize citizens during allegedly their treatment.

Currently, the entrepreneur is investing in the development of a vaccine. He stated that he did not understand the accusations of people. Perhaps there are indeed reasons for a worldwide conspiracy, but mass chipization is still something at the level of fantasy. The multimillionaire does not even have the capacity to create chips.

Gates also noted that it is difficult for him to refute the charges, since the situation as a whole is very stupid and strange. The existence of crazy ideas really worries the entrepreneur.

Bill Gates will make sure that those countries where medicine is poorly developed are the first to receive the vaccine. With the vaccine, the difficult task of forming group immunity lies ahead. Bill Gates expects 80% of the population to be vaccinated. Nothing will work out if people think that they will try to chip them, etc.

It is difficult to say how conspiracy theories became so widespread and convinced millions of people. It’s worth remembering the 5G tower arsonists: people seriously believed that cell towers spread the coronavirus.


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