Bill Gates prepares to “block” the Sun

(ORDO NEWS) — Microsoft founder Bill Gates is preparing to implement a large-scale project aimed at “blocking” the sun. Scientists from Harvard University will help bring the billionaire’s idea to life.

The authors of the study plan to test the hypothesis that the process of global warming on the planet can be influenced by spraying particles reflecting sunlight into the atmosphere.

Specialists from SSC have recently expressed their agreement to participate in the project. They are going to launch a hot air balloon near the Antarctic city of Kirun, which will deliver a gondola with scientific equipment weighing almost 600 kilograms to a height of 20 kilometers.

However, not all scientists support this initiative, since any attempts to influence natural processes can have serious consequences, which are simply impossible to predict.

Earlier, Bill Gates, in an interview for the GeekWire Summit, made several predictions for 2021 for the whole world.


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