Bill Gates predicts a new pandemic in the next 20 years

(ORDO NEWS) — In the next 20 years, with a probability of 50 percent, humanity can expect a new pandemic. This opinion was expressed in an interview with the Spanish newspaper “Diario” by Microsoft founder Bill Gates.

According to him, it may appear from an already known virus.

“It could be a type of flu, a different type of coronavirus. And that would at least allow us to have some knowledge of how to get treatment and a vaccine very quickly,” Gates said.

At the same time, as he noted, it could be another disease, for example, “a virus created by a man, a bioterrorist who developed it and deliberately spread it.”

The billionaire believes that this would be a “very scary scenario” as attackers could try to spread the created virus in different places at the same time.

Also, as the founder of Microsoft noted, it could be “something that comes out of the natural world.” His forecast that the pandemic will come in the next 20 years, the businessman associated with the fact that humanity is growing and invading new ecosystems.

“That’s why I calculated that there is a fifty percent chance that in the next 20 years we will have a pandemic of natural origin as a consequence of climate change,” he concluded.

To combat the threats that threaten the world, Gates advised the creation of a “global epidemic response and mobilization team” that would be similar to the fire department. While this would require a 25 percent increase in WHO‘s budget, there would be a diverse team of 3,000 people.

Note that since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, many social networks and online media have been circulating the theory that Bill Gates was involved in the coronavirus.

Many seriously believed that the billionaire intended to chip the population of the Earth with the help of vaccination and then monitor him.

In February 2021, the founder of Microsoft denied his involvement in the pandemic and said that the spread of false rumors about the coronavirus could cause the epidemic to prolong.

In January 2022, Gates warned that the world could face pandemics that would be much more dangerous than the coronavirus.


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