Bill Gates predicted the timing of the end of the coronavirus pandemic

(ORDO NEWS) — The COVID-19 pandemic will end by the middle of next year, provided there are no new, more dangerous coronavirus variants. This period was predicted by the founder of Microsoft Corporation Bill Gates at the “New Economic Forum” in Singapore, organized by businessman Michael Bloomberg.

According to Gates, by mid-2022, amid vaccinations, the development of natural immunity and the emergence of new drugs, the rate of morbidity and mortality “should go down sharply” and reach “seasonal data for influenza” in the absence of new strains.

In addition, Gates is looking forward to “addressing the supply of coronavirus vaccines next year.” The founder of Microsoft called on the world community to work actively to “eradicate influenza to reduce the threat of new pandemics.”

Earlier, Bill Gates said that new pandemics could threaten the world in the future, not only for natural reasons, but also because of bioterrorist attackers. The billionaire believes that in order to fight disease, humanity needs to invest in technological development: to make the development and production of vaccines much cheaper and to increase the number of factories that produce them. He also warned that the world could face another threat besides the COVID-19 pandemic.


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