Bill Gates has contracted COVID-19

(ORDO NEWS) — Recently, it is becoming less and less common to find news related to the coronavirus that could really surprise. But Bill Gates changed everything.

He said that he had contracted COVID-19 – the billionaire wrote about this on his Twitter account. There, he noted that he had been vaccinated and even received a booster dose.

Perhaps this is due to the fact that the Microsoft co-founder experienced only mild symptoms of the disease.

Despite all this, Gates has already announced his intention to go into self-isolation until he recovers. He also urged not to worry about him – the entrepreneur has access to high-class doctors.

Recall that earlier, in one of his interviews, Bill Gates pointed out the need to modernize the global healthcare system.

According to him, in the state in which it is now, it can hardly be called capable of providing equal access to medical technologies. Especially during the outbreak of pandemics.


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