Bill Gates described the end of the pandemic

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates, in an interview with Le Figaro, predicted when the world could return to its normal routine after the coronavirus pandemic. According to him, this can happen no sooner than in a year or two, because people will be afraid to visit public places for a long time for fear of contracting a virus that does not yet have a vaccine or medicine.

Philanthropist Bill Gates said in an interview with the French publication Le Figaro that the abolition of the regime of self-isolation against the backdrop of the pandemic of the new coronavirus will not mean an instant return to normal life. According to the co-founder of Microsoft , the removal of restrictions will mark only the end of the first stage.

“We will not return to normal life sooner than in a year or two. We can get out of this first stage by building a system of activities that will eliminate the risk of a return to the exponential phase of progression,” Gates said.

The businessman stressed that the world has a lot of work to find effective treatment methods for COVID-19, as well as to develop a vaccine, since it is the vaccines against coronavirus that will help people overcome their fear and return to normal activities.

“With a testing and tracking system, we can quickly identify and control infection areas. But we will not return to ordinary life, because people will be afraid of becoming infected and because of this they will change their habits. Even the decisions of the authorities will not return them to the stadiums until there are drugs or a vaccine that can definitely prevent a death [from coronavirus],” said Bill Gates.

The philanthropist also recalled that his charity foundation would send his medical experts to help vaccine companies.

“It is absolutely necessary to work on treatment methods that can begin to be used much easier than vaccines, because there is no need to test them on such a scale …

But for the world to return to normal, we will need either extremely effective treatments or a vaccine.

The vaccine is very important, because this is probably how we will return to normal life, ”concluded the co-founder of Microsoft.

Bill Gates, whose foundation has been treating and eradicating HIV, malaria, polio and other dangerous diseases, has repeatedly spoken out about the pandemic of the new coronavirus. According to the businessman, the world was completely unprepared for the viral epidemic, which very quickly swept the whole world. Gates noted that after the new coronavirus is taken under control, many countries will think about how to prevent the same losses as in 2020.

“We will be diagnosed. We will have extensive anti-virus libraries. We will have vaccine platforms. We will have early warning systems. The cost of all these things is much lower compared to what we and our economy are experiencing now.”

Now people truly understand that approximately every 20 years there will be a chance that one of these [viruses] will come to spread around the world, given the huge number of travelers.

And so citizens expect governments to make this [preventive measures] their priority. Say they will not cost as much as the defense budget, but it will also be a significant investment. Some of these investments will help medical work in other areas. A vaccine platform, cheap, quick diagnosis, is something that is valuable not only during an epidemic,” said Bill Gates.


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