Bigger buttocks may lower the risk of cardiovascular disease

(ORDO NEWS) — Dr.Karan Raj: Fat in the buttocks may reduce the risk of heart disease.

A health worker in England (NHS) cited the health benefits of large buttocks. The corresponding video appeared in his TikTok account.

Dr. Karan Raj explained that fat located in the gluteofemoral region can reduce the risk of cardiovascular and metabolic diseases and increase life expectancy. According to him, the subcutaneous fat in the lower body acts like a sponge. It stores fatty acids and prevents them from entering the internal organs.

The video went viral and got 464.9 thousand views and 54.4 thousand likes. Netizens were pleased with the doctor’s video, and they began to joke in the comments to the publication.

“I will live forever”, “Finally my ass is doing at least something useful”, “Oh no, so I don’t have much time left”, “Super! The best news for today ”,“ I’m happy. I’ll show it to my boyfriend, ”they wrote.
In October, the blogger showed cellulite in a photo without retouching and delighted fans.

On the frame published on the network, Karina Irbid captured herself against the backdrop of the ocean. She is wearing a two-piece swimsuit, which consists of a pink top and yellow swimming trunks. The blogger was photographed with her back to the camera, showing cellulite on the buttocks and thighs, as well as folds on the sides.


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