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Bigfoot spotted in Utah

Bigfoot spotted in Utah

(ORDO NEWS) — In footage taken in 2019, the strange creature was seen roaming the icy foothills of Utah.

Austin Craig and his buddies witnessed the spectacle near northeast Provo when they saw what they thought was a large hominid monster walking up a mountain.

“You can’t just see something that happens once in a century and go do your job nine to five,” he told Fox News. “We need to look for fur, or tracks, or some evidence.”

Craig and his companions climbed the hills in search of traces of the creature, and were accompanied by a group of videographers, which was shown on a local news program that was broadcast at the time (which can be viewed here).

“That’s where I saw, without quotes, Bigfoot, and you guys put together don’t even come close to looking like him in width and height,” he said when they got to the spot.

“Was it a bear? Maybe. It’s plausible. It was a man? Also plausible.”

“Was it something else? I think it’s possible too. Who knows?”

Dr. Eric Rickart, who was later interviewed by reporter Amanda Jerry at the Utah Museum of Natural History, expressed doubts about the footage and remained confident that Bigfoot most likely does not exist.

“There are a lot of things to be found, especially in the natural world, but they don’t take the form of giant apes running around in mostly populated areas of the world,” he said.


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