Biden’s aides mute his microphone after asking about Afghanistan

(ORDO NEWS) — US President Joe Biden decided to make a joke, answering a journalist’s question about the Americans remaining in Afghanistan , but at that moment White House employees turned off his microphone.

During a press conference, a journalist asked the American leader what he would do if the soldiers remained in the Islamic Republic after the August 31 deadline. Biden grinned at first, then decided to answer the question, but at that moment the sound disappeared. According to RT , Biden said: “You will be the first one I call.”

Member of the United States House of Representatives Ronnie Jackson reacted sharply to the incident. “Sick! When Biden was asked what he would do if Americans are trapped in Afghanistan after August 31, he laughs and his handlers turn off the sound. This is one big joke for him. This is not funny! He must resign immediately.!” – the congressman was indignant.

Earlier, Biden, when answering a question about Washington ‘s participation in ensuring security at the Kabul airport, confused the name of the city. He said the authorities are in constant contact with the Taliban leadership in the Afghan capital and the capital of Qatar, Daho. Later, in a White House publication, it was clarified that the president meant Doha .


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