Biden responds to rape allegations

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden denies allegations of sexual harassment of his former employee, the politician said in a statement released today. The incident in question could have occurred in 1993.

Then the former employee of then Senator Biden, Tara Reid, allegedly was subjected to “unauthorized contact” with a politician in the corridor of the Senate. According to her, Biden was trying to get his hands under her skirt. The corresponding statement was written to the Washington police in late April.

In response, Biden said that “this never happened.” On the air of the MSNBC television channel, the politician called these allegations false and called for an investigation of their validity. Biden agreed that women who had been abused should be heard, not “gagged,” and the incidents themselves should be thoroughly investigated.

The candidate from the Democratic Party draws attention to the growing number of inconsistencies in the story of the alleged victim and notes that neither immediate supervisor Reid nor the senior staff member of the senator’s office clearly stated that she had never addressed them with a complaint of this kind.

Earlier, seven more women told reporters about Biden’s harassment, which was expressed in obsessive kisses, hugs and touches. Some of them noted that they considered the version that Reed posed to be believable.

Biden is now the only candidate for the US presidential candidate from the Democrats. Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders abandoned the race in early April.

US presidential elections are scheduled for November 3. The current president of the United States, Donald Trump, has expressed strong confidence in his candidacy .


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