Bibles flooded the village of Bethsaida from the Sea of ​​Galilee

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — The place where Jesus fed 5,000 was flooded. Because of this, archaeologists urgently had to leave the site of excavation.

Bethsaida is the city of the disciples of Jesus. It was in him that he performed miracles that are described in the Bible. After quarantine was relaxed, the first archaeologist and professor Moti Aviam visited El Araj. He was shocked by what he saw.

“Of course, I knew that the level of the Sea of ​​Galilee (Sea of ​​Galilee) rose as a result of prolonged rains, but I could not even guess how his rise would affect the excavations that are being carried out in this area,” the professor said. He added that this has not happened for about 30 years, because every year he visits this wonderful place.

As a rule, El Araj is located on a land plot, which is surrounded on all sides by trees. At the moment, most of them are flooded with water. The higher points of the city are more reminiscent of the small islands on which the ruins are located. Moreover, what remains of the Byzantine structure, which may be the Church of the Apostles, is completely covered in water. Because of the incident, excavations had to be stopped and specialists left the city.

El Araj is described in the Bible as the fishing city of Bethsaida. It was in him that the three disciples of Jesus were born. Some experts are confident that this El Araj may also be the place where, when King Herod Philip built the city of Julius, which was built in the likeness of the Roman.

Another candidate for ancient Bethsaida is At Tell, which is located north of El Araj. Excavations in that area are carried out by Professor Rami Arav along with his team and he found some evidence that this city is identical to the village of Bethsaida.


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