Betelgeuse star prepares to go supernova

(ORDO NEWS) — According to the researchers, irreversible processes of self-destruction have already started in the core of Betelgeuse. In the near future, the star will turn into a supernova.

Experts have been observing the body since last year, and therefore can already accurately tell about the processes taking place. Initial research indicated that the transformation will happen soon. New observations made it possible to clarify this information more precisely: the transformation is expected in 100 thousand years.

Betelgeuse is now in the early stages of a new life cycle. At the moment, thermonuclear processes are taking place in the core: helium is burned to carbon. When all matter burns out, the star can transform into a supernova.

Surveillance is overseen by Meredith Joyce of the Australian National University. She applied various techniques to simulate the object’s core to analyze the change in the star’s brightness. The discovered changes made it possible to find out that helium is now burning in the core. The temperature is around 100 million degrees Celsius.

In the future, the core will collapse, followed by a powerful explosion of Betelgeuse. A large dust and gas cloud will appear in interstellar space. There is still a long time before the explosion, no impact on the Earth is expected.


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