Best solar chargers of 2022

(ORDO NEWS) — Solar chargers solve one of the most common problems campers and travelers face: How do I keep my devices charged when there’s no outlet nearby?

A solar charger is a solar panel with built-in charging ports that allows you to recharge your device’s battery with renewable energy.

However, over time, the term “solar charger” has come to be used as a more general term to describe such devices – such as a battery pack with a solar panel on top. To accommodate this, our guide also provides recommendations that fit this broader definition.

Using any of the solar chargers featured in our guide, regardless of shape, size or style, will be more sustainable than using a power adapter and cable to charge your device.

Solar chargers are a great first step in moving from conventional to renewable energy because they don’t take up much space, require little to no installation, and can even be used indoors (provided the charger’s solar panel is in direct sunlight).

Whether you live in a sunny region, plan to go on a multi-day hike this summer, or want to reach your personal sustainability goals this year, these are the best solar chargers to buy right now.

– Best Overall: TWELSEAVAN Foldable Solar Charger
– Best Budget Solar Charger: Anker 24W
– Solar Charger – Best Solar Charger: Riapow Solar Power Bank
– Best Security Camera Solar Charger: Wasserstein Solar Panel
– Best Premium Solar Charger -class: Raptic Titan 225 Power Station + Solar 100


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