Best fertilizers for houseplants and garden plants

(ORDO NEWS) — Whether in the garden or at home, plants need love and care. But do not neglect good nutrition, because this is one of the key success factors in growing plants.

Plants are quite capricious – they need constant care, but even with it, the harvest sometimes turns out to be very poor or not at all.

It is far from always possible to understand why a plant begins to wither or does not bear fruit. One of the reasons may be the soil, poor in substances necessary for the development of the plant. To replenish them, you can use special fertilizers. Here are the best of them:

Organic fertilizers

Better than natural fertilizers have not yet been invented. Take humus or manure and apply it to the soil – the result will not be long in coming. The fact is that this universal natural fertilizer contains all the nutrients the plant needs, since, in fact, it is also created from plants.

The most important thing is that there is nitrogen there, which is simply necessary for all crops for growth and development. Most of the nitrogen in the compost is from green leaves, remember this.


If in organic fertilizers on average about 1% nitrogen, then in urea as much as 46%. However, adding it to the soil in such quantities as compost or manure is not worth it – just dissolve a few grams of the substance in water and water the plants.

As a result, they will receive a sufficient amount of nitrogen, which is so necessary for building organic molecules.


Standard and one of the most popular fertilizers among summer residents. In addition to nitrogen, it contains phosphorus, the second most important chemical element necessary for plant growth.

It is undesirable to apply superphosphate to the soil along with urea, lime, dolomite flour or ammonium nitrate. After applying these fertilizers, plants should be fed with superphosphate only after a week, not earlier.

Complex fertilizers

Instead of separately obtaining nitrogen and phosphorus from different sources, there are special mixtures that allow you to immediately saturate the soil with all the trace elements necessary for plant growth. The most popular complex fertilizers for garden and domestic plants are ammophoska, nitrophoska and azofoska.


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