Belief in astrology linked to narcissism and low intelligence

(ORDO NEWS) — Belief in astrology is often associated with narcissism and low intelligence. The corresponding statement was made by psychologists at Lund University in Sweden.

In their research, they found that belief in astrology increased during the coronavirus pandemic. In this way, some people may react to increased stress levels, reports Personality and Individual Differences magazine.

Scientists conducted a survey among 264 volunteers to find out who most often believes in the terrible power of Mercury retrograde and the incompatibility of scorpions with Virgo.

It turned out that the biggest astrology lovers performed the worst on IQ tests. In addition, they turned out to be very narcissistic people and considered themselves special and chosen.

The better a person’s IQ score was, the less likely they were to believe in horoscopes.

Earlier, State Duma deputy Vitaly Milonov proposed to introduce markings for astrological forecasts. According to him, forecasts appearing in the media must be labeled or even banned from publishing them.


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