Before the Internet: 10 networking technologies older than we think

(ORDO NEWS) — Do you think that Internet technologies are something new, just emerging and rapidly growing?

And here it is not. Much of what we associate with the internet email, emoticons, selfies, spam, online games is way older than most of us!

In principle, many people answer the question “when did the Internet appear?” answer: somewhere in the 60s.

And they won’t be wrong. But who among you guesses that the first selfie, for example, is 175 years old?

And what we call spam appeared in an era when electricity was an exotic form of energy, and steam reigned in the world.

So, let’s see what Internet technologies appeared a long time ago and only “pretend” to be modern.

* The symbol @ (“dog”) has about 500 years of history. For the first time it is found in the documents of Florentine merchants dating back to 1536. Then he meant “at such and such a price.” It was brought to the Internet by Ray Tomlinson, the inventor of e-mail.

* The first message was sent by one person to another via a computer back in 1965 at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. And e-mail in the modern sense of the term was developed by Ray Tomlinson in 1971.

Before the Internet 10 networking technologies older than we think 2

* Emoticons first appeared in typographic text on March 30, 1881. They were invented by the journalists of the satirical magazine Puck. And on September 19, 1982, computer engineer Scott Fahlman suggested that his colleagues use emoticons in e-mail.

* The first “SMS shorthand” was invented by British Admiral John Arbuthnot Fisher in 1917. In his letter to Churchill, he humorously mentions the abbreviation of the phrase “Oh! My God!” to the now well-known OMG (or OMG).

* Paper “spam”, advertisements and other garbage began to be thrown into mailboxes as early as the beginning of the 19th century. With the advent of email, spam naturally became digital.

Before the Internet 10 networking technologies older than we think 3

* The first ever selfie was taken in 1839 by American photography pioneer Robert Cornelius. His self-portrait simultaneously became the first ever photograph of a human face as such.

* The world’s first online toy was developed by John Dalesk and Silas Warner in 1973. It was called Empire and could support up to 30 players at the same time.

* The first “Nigerian letters” appeared in the 16th century! The classic “Nigerian writing” plot of the time was called “The Spanish Prisoner”. It asked the recipient to pay bail for a prisoner who allegedly knew the location of the treasure. Thus, the swindlers escaped from prison.

Before the Internet 10 networking technologies older than we think 4

* Hacker DoS attacks began back in the 1960s, and not on computers, but on fax machines. Hackers bombarded the target faxes with meaningless messages in the same way, overloading them in the same way that modern computer systems are overloaded with data.

* And finally, the Internet itself. Its ancestor, the ARPANET, was launched on September 2, 1969 – much later, in 1984, APRANET had a rival, NSFNet, which operates on the same principles and became the framework of the modern Internet.


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