Beating with minced meat ends with arrest for Ohio woman

(ORDO NEWS) — A rather unusual weapon for beating was used by Maneka Garner. The fact is that a 25-year-old Ohio resident used a 10-pound bag of ground beef to beat another woman. The victim’s name is Preshes Jackson, she is 36 years old. The fight took place at the Wellmart supermarket.

The Smoking Gun reports.

It is not the first time that Maneka Garner has shown aggressive behavior towards people around him. Local authorities say that various residents have already written a statement to the police against her.

The reason for the fight is still being established. According to the testimony of witnesses, as well as on the tape from the supermarket, it is visible how the young woman first tore off the mask from Preshes and tried to spit in her face. From the fact that Maneka missed the spit, she got even more angry, grabbed a bag of minced meat and pounced on Preshes Johnson. Both the attacker and the victim were in the supermarket with their young children. The police said that if the children were hurt, the punishment for Maneki would be more severe.

Now the attacker is awaiting trial. She will have to pay monetary compensation in the form of non-pecuniary damage. It is still unknown whether the hooligan will be sent to prison or sent to correctional labor.


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