Bats are massively killed in China and Europe

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US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — China, as well as some European countries, may face repeated epidemics due to what is happening with bats today.

In many countries, bats were considered a symbol of happiness, but due to the fact that scientists believe that the coronavirus could be transmitted to people from them, populations are at risk of destruction. In China and some European countries, people have begun to drive out bats that live in or near their homes. Due to the fact that bats were disturbed during hibernation, they begin to die in large numbers, and also spread many other viruses dangerous to humans. Bats find themselves in the wild, in which they simply are not adapted to the living conditions.

Scientists say that such actions are completely meaningless, because the coronavirus is associated with only one species of bats, which live exclusively in forests. But people do not pay attention to such statements, which in the end result can cause the death of a huge number of animals for no reason.

Bats play a very important role in the functioning of the ecosystem, because they not only destroy rodents, but also help to pollinate some species of plants. If these animals disappear, then people will encounter a rapid increase in rodent populations and a decrease in the number of certain plant species.


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