Bangladesh: Story of family without fingerprints

(ORDO NEWS) — Fingerprints are the most important biometric data in use today. But men from the Sarker family, who live in Bangladesh, have been born without fingerprints for several generations.

Men in the Sarker family are born with perfectly smooth fingers. None of the scientists can say for sure how ancient this mutation is, because the science of fingerprinting appeared only at the end of the 19th century.

It was then that specialists began to study fingerprints and learned to recognize them. Massively the technique began to be used already at the beginning of the 20th century.

Until a certain time, men from mutations did not care about the absence of fingerprints, but when this method of identification began to be used quite widely, a problem began to appear. For example, there were problems with obtaining a driver’s license, flying on airplanes and others.

Because of this, all men from the Sarker family cannot make any long trips and even get a driver’s license. Even the acquisition of a SIM card became a problem, because some time ago the government of Bangladesh introduced a law that when buying a new SIM card, you must leave your fingerprints in the database.


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