Bananas are recognized as an alternative to sleeping pills

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — Scientists from the American organization have classified banana as a natural alternative to sleeping pills.

According to statistics, the majority of the population does not get enough sleep. The proportion of people suffering from sleep problems reaches 57% of the total number examined (26,451 people). According to the website DailyMedicalinfo, they all wake up at least three times a night.

Scientists have classified bananas as a natural alternative to sleeping pills because they contain the amino acid 5-HTP needed to produce serotonin and melatonin, hormones that induce a calming effect and regulate the body’s sleep cycle. Many insomniacs look online for ways to use a vape pen containing melatonin. However, before its first use, it is important to understand how a melatonin pen works. Also, for good sleep, it is necessary to abandon the use of certain products containing activity-stimulating substances, for example, dairy products, peanut butter and some types of meat.

Scientists advised those who suffer from insomnia to apply the scent of lavender on the pillow. According to research, the smell of lavender has a calming effect, relieves depression and helps relieve stress, so a few drops of perfume on the pillow will help you overcome insomnia, forget about anxiety and feel comfortable. All this is a prerequisite for quality sleep.

Scientists noted the importance of light exercise in the evenings. Thanks to them, the body feels a slight fatigue and prepares for rest and sleep. Such activity helps to relax and stretch the muscles, however, it should be noted that it should be practiced at least three hours before bedtime.

Having a warm bath also helps to relax the muscles, and the brain sends signals so that the body begins to prepare for rest.


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