Bacteria spreads in the US that devours the human brain

(ORDO NEWS) — The American Centers for Disease Control have warned that a disease that affects the central nervous system continues to spread rapidly in the United States.

The causative agent of the disease Naegleria fowleri, which has been monitored by specialists for 10 years, is spreading very quickly. At the same time, scientists noted that climate change can affect the path of spread of the pathogen. Due to the sharp rise in air temperature, the amoeba feels just fine, which might not have happened in other conditions. She lives in warm freshwater systems and soil.

The causative agent of this type can cause a very serious condition, which is called amoebic meningoencephalitis. As a result of infection, not only inflammation develops, but also complete destruction of the brain. To date, only five patients have survived the disease in North America.

Recently, two cases of infection were recorded, which were fatal. The victim was a thirteen-year-old child from Florida who died a few days after the pathogen entered the body. The second victim is a 6 year old child who lived in Texas. Because of this, the water supply in Lake Jackson is currently being thoroughly disinfected to completely eliminate Naegleria fowleri.

Jennifer Cope, who is a medical worker for the prevention of waterborne diseases, said the amoeba can naturally enter the municipal supply system from soil or rivers. Most often this happens if there are any irregularities in its work. For example, when a pipe breaks in the system.

The specialist also added that several cases of infection are recorded in the United States every year due to the fact that a huge number of people visit places for recreation and swimming. At the same time, the number of infections remains stable for a long time. In addition, Cope warned that the amoeba has now begun to move towards the north, where recently they have begun to more and more often record cases of diseases among local residents.


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