Avrich Castle is a UFO hotspot

(ORDO NEWS) — UFO researchers say celebrities staying at Avrich Castle have a good chance of bizarre encounters with otherworldly denizens. What is known about this place, writes The Sun.

Avrich Castle was built between 1810 and 1825 by Lloyd Resketch Bamford-Resketch (1787-1861) in memory of his mother Francis Lloyd and her ancestors. According to several articles from 1913, on the main road to Colvin Bay, not far from the estate, one man claimed to have seen a “decapitated monster” in a field behind a hedge.

Another claimed to have heard a squeal on the same road, but the headless creature turned out to be a black and white sheep that looked headless due to the fact that its black head merged with the shadows of hedges, although the squeal turned out to be a broken tree branch that was blown away by the wind.

This heightened fear has caused many people to avoid this road entirely, walking miles further or taking a train instead. The men also took up arms, buying revolvers to protect themselves on the way to work.

Current unidentified researchers claim that the castle has been at the center of the paranormal for over 100 years – not to mention reports of ghosts and big cats. Expert Russ Kellett says a colleague shared the message that it was now called a UFO in the castle back in 1892, which may have been the first such encounter in Wales. The incident, pieced together from reports from the time, was witnessed by people transporting logs to the coast in horse-drawn carts, he said.

“They were not far from the castle gates, and the light fell on them from the side of the castle, like the beam of a lighthouse. Then they heard a buzz that got louder and louder. After that, eyewitnesses described how they saw a metal disk or object flying over them, and a blinding light. Horses and people scattered and did not return until the next day, ”said the researcher.

Russ added that at that time people did not have the term “UFO”, witnesses described it as something hellish or demonic. One of them was reported to have said, “I thought hell had opened up. We all fled to save our lives. ” When asked if this means that someone who has visited the castle today could see something otherworldly, the expert assures: “Of course, yes!”

Since 1892, North Wales has been a hotbed of sightings from Anglesey to the estuary of the Dee. The site was highlighted as a hotspot for UFO sightings last year since the UK‘s response to the X-Files was first released. Claimed UFO sightings from the now defunct UFO Bureau of the RAF have been posted on the UK government website.


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