Avi Loeb and his brilliant book Extraterrestrial. In Search of Alien Intelligence

(ORDO NEWS) — On October 19, 2017, while analyzing data collected by the Hawaiian Pan-STARRS telescope system, astronomer Robert Werick discovered a strange object in an extremely high hyperbolic orbit.

This object, named ‘Oumuamua , was formed or created outside of the solar system. Conservative scientists, fearful of peer scrutiny and cutbacks in funding, prefer to deny even the slightest possibility that ‘Oumuamua is extraterrestrial technology that accidentally or purposefully visited the solar system.

However, Avi Loeb , an astrophysicist at Harvard University, is famous for having the courage to speak loudly about hypothetical alien civilizations and call for expanding programs to search for them.

Avi Loeb is the first scientist who, relying solely on dry data, put forward a hypothesis according to which ‘Oumuamua may be an alien reconnaissance probe or a piece of some high technology, space debris generated by another species.

Loeb’s colleagues, on the other hand, tried to “stretch” irrational hypotheses on the available data, which would make it possible to exclude the possibility of the artificial nature of Oumuamua.

And yet, in August 2022, they had to step over their pride and admit that Oumuamua is the strangest thing that humanity has ever had to deal with. Maybe their opinion changed after reading Avi Loeb’s book “Extraterrestrial. Looking for Alien Intelligence ?

“Extraterrestrial. In Search of Alien Intelligence is one of the most fascinating and important books of our time. This is an extremely sober and rational view of the idea of ​​the existence of extraterrestrial civilizations that could significantly surpass us in development.


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