Australian woman claims she communicates with aliens since childhood

(ORDO NEWS) — One day, Judy’s mother was abducted by aliens. The woman was then pregnant and the aliens implanted their DNA into the body of the embryo. Because of this, Judy was born, who is half-human and half-alien.

Judy Carroll from Brisbane, who recently turned 64, proves to everyone that as a child, she communicated with the “Grays” aliens. In recent years, Judy has been actively giving interviews to various media outlets. She wants as many people as possible to know her story. the woman is trying to prove that she is a hybrid child because her pregnant mother was abducted by aliens and implanted in the fetus their DNA. Judy also adds that she is regularly taken by aliens onboard their ship so that she can communicate with them.

The woman said that as a child, she constantly saw the Grays, and then they disappeared for a while and appeared again only in 1983. After that, Judy began to see them regularly.

She described them as creatures with a huge head and black eyes, as well as a small mouth. At the same time, the mouth practically does not move due to the fact that it has almost completely atrophied. The inside of the alien ship is very clean, there is not a single sharp corner and there are many beautiful arches. The aliens taught the woman to meditate so that she could contact them at any time using a mental connection. Judy added that people should not be afraid of aliens in any way, because they do not want to cause any harm.

It is worth noting that Judy’s husband said that one day while meditating, he saw the Gray Alien next to her. It was after this incident that the woman began to actively tell people her unusual story.


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