Australian woman after surgery began to speak with an Irish accent

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(ORDO NEWS) — Anne G. Msien is an Australian woman with an unusual incident. A simple tonsil surgery changed her focus. She lived in Australia all her life, her accent was Australian, but after the operation, the accent became Irish.

Reported by 7NEWS Australia.

Tonsil surgery is not difficult, thousands of people around the world carry it daily. In Ann’s case, surgery was a trigger.

Doctors diagnosed the Australian woman with a very rare disease “foreign accent syndrome.” Together with Ann, no more than a hundred cases of this syndrome have been registered in the world. It does not interfere with the usual way of life, but only affects pronunciation.

The syndrome initially manifested itself gradually. A woman could speak like an Australian one day, and the next day with an Irish pronunciation. Over time, the Australian pronunciation was less and less common until it disappeared altogether.

Anne had never been to Ireland and didn’t know what to do with her new accent. In the beginning it seemed to her that all that was happening was a dream. But she soon realized that her new voice was real. Now the Australian is under medical supervision and hopes that doctors will be able to help her.


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