Australian banned from leaving Israel until December 9999

(ORDO NEWS) — Noam Huppert can go home only after he pays more than three million dollars in alimony to his children. The ex-wife of the 44-year-old Australian filed a lawsuit against him. The judge, in accordance with the current Israeli law, established a ban on leaving the country until December 31, 9999.

Huppert came to Israel back in 2012 to see his young children more often. After all, his wife then not only returned home, but soon filed for divorce. In 2013, a court issued a “suspension of departure” order for a man. First, he must pay three million dollars to further support his children until they turn 18.

Noam has not been able to leave the country for 8 years. All this time he works in one of the pharmaceutical companies as an analytical chemist and complains about the peculiar system of justice in Israel. The law says that if a woman divorces a man, then she can demand to impose a ban on leaving Israel for the father of her children.

This allows them to receive alimony, from which many men try to escape. Every father must provide for his children. If the payment is not made on time, then there is a risk of being imprisoned for three weeks.

Journalist Marianna Azizi wanted to understand such strict laws and find out exactly how many men cannot leave the country due to court bans. It turned out that this information is kept in strict confidence, but some sources say that up to 100 requests are received per month.

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