Australia has another mysterious monolith

(ORDO NEWS) — Another mysterious monolith was discovered in the territory of Adelaide. Photos of a silvery column were immediately posted on the Internet, which was found next to the Seaford railway bridge in the southern part of the city.

The photographer talks about the presence of images on the monolith, as well as numbers that resemble some specific “coordinates”.

On December 8, a video of the installation of the monolith in Melbourne was published on the YouTube channel I Did A Thing. The video got 2.5 million views very quickly. Although the mystery of the Melbourne Monolith has been uncovered, there are still a lot of questions about the first site in Utah and elsewhere.

It is worth noting that for all the time, monoliths have been found in California, Texas, Romania, England and the Netherlands. They appear in the most unexpected places, so no one can even guess where the mysterious object will be discovered next time.

In addition, questions arise as to where they come from or who actually installs them and for what purpose. There are too many questions, but no answers. It remains only to observe how monoliths appear in different parts of the world and hope that soon it will be possible to unravel their secret. Of course, if it actually exists.


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