Aurora never seen before recorded on Mars

(ORDO NEWS) — Discrete aurora was recorded on Mars. It is different from what happens on our planet, but it is no less beautiful from this. The phenomenon was filmed on April 22-23, as well as on May 6, 2021. They were discovered on the night side of the Red Planet.

IFLS reports.

The images were taken prior to the official launch of the Al-Amal mission of the UAE’s Martian probe. He entered the planet’s orbit back in February in order to study the atmosphere of Mars.

The scientists took pictures of the discrete aurora when they checked the instruments for serviceability. The phenomenon itself was noticed quite by accident, and they immediately decided to photograph it. Astronomers have been trying to study it for many years, it was simply not possible to obtain high-quality images and examine in more detail. At the moment, this is the most detailed photo that we managed to get.

In general, there are three types of auroras on Mars. One of them appears on the day side and two on the night side. Also, scientists said that one of the auroras appears only during a solar storm and it illuminates the entire side of the planet. It looks very exciting.

Al-Amal filmed the discrete aurora. It has nothing to do with storms, and manifests itself in certain places on the night side of Mars. Its formation is different from that which occurs on our planet.

The fact is that charged particles from the Sun travel throughout the solar system. On Earth, they are directed by a magnetic field to northern latitudes. There, they collide with the atoms of the atmosphere and light is released, creating incredible visual effects.

On Mars, the atmosphere is thinner and theoretically there is nothing for particles to mix with. Therefore, getting into it does not interact with the magnetic field. They move through areas of destroyed magnetic rocks. Therefore, the phenomenon can be observed only in certain places where there are these magnetic rocks.


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