August: Earth will be covered by powerful magnetic storms

(ORDO NEWS) — It seems to many that space weather can in no way affect the state of people. Indeed, most of the planet’s inhabitants do not feel changes in their bodies during magnetic storms, but there is a special group of weather-dependent citizens who constantly face health problems.

In August, 5 geomagnetic strikes are expected, so weather dependent will have a hard time. The first minor storm will occur on August 2-3. It can only cause mood swings, physical discomfort should not follow.

On August 10, there will be a medium storm. Due to changes in atmospheric pressure, people may have a headache and weakness. It is not recommended to stay in the open sun and make long journeys.

On the 13-14th, an average phenomenon is also expected. Again, non-weather dependent people can sleep peacefully: they will not notice anything. Susceptible citizens will most likely suffer from migraines and dizziness.

August 21-22 – medium storm. Drowsiness and unreasonable fatigue are possible. On this day, it is better not to plan any important events, as they will not be as bright for you as you would like.

And the last not the most powerful phenomenon is expected on the 29th. Put aside any physical labor and sports for a while. Emotional tension along with physical activity can cause a breakdown. Of course, this is all individual, so make decisions based on your own well-being.

During magnetic storms, it is best to organize a home vacation. Perhaps irritation in relation to loved ones: the main thing is not to break down, but to endure a few days.


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