Athonite Elder Stephen Karulsky predicted the fall of the United States in 2022

(ORDO NEWS) — The Athonite Elder Stefan Karulsky left many predictions about the fate of the world.

One of his predictions was about 2022 and the fate of the United States of America.

Stefan Karulski was born in 1922 in Serbia.

During his secular life, he was an agronomist and worked in the field of agriculture, but later became a novice in a monastery.

Karaulsky had a difficult fate, he went through a lot. Some researchers believe that due to the trials in his life, he discovered a prophetic gift.

The elder left many messages about the fate of the world for the coming years.

One of the predictions touched the 21st century, namely 2022, and was dedicated to the United States.

According to the prophecy of Karaulsky,

t is at this time that the fall of America will occur. According to the elder, the population of the United States will flee to other countries for resettlement.

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