At what age do people sleep the least

(ORDO NEWS) — The quality of sleep, including its duration, is influenced by many factors.

British scientists analyzed hundreds of thousands of data and found out at what age people sleep the longest, and at what age they sleep the least. The conclusions based on extensive observations.

They made a sample based on data on people from 63 countries of the world, more than 730 thousand people participated in an unusual experiment.

The research methodology was chosen non-standard: using the mobile game Sea Hero Quest. The game was specially designed for deep knowledge of Alzheimer’s disease.

The main task of the participants is to demonstrate the level of spatial abilities, and they were the main subject of study.

But in the course of the action, players have to answer a number of related questions. In particular, they name their age and sleep duration.

The average sleep duration was 7.01 hours per day. Women sleep a little longer, but the difference is minimal, 7 and a half minutes more than men.

The population of Eastern Europe was distinguished by a longer sleep. And more than other inhabitants of the planet, people living in Southeast Asia are awake.

But there are also general characteristics of sleep that do not correlate with either gender or country of residence.

They were also recorded during the experiment. Young people under 20 allowed themselves to soak up in bed more than others.

Getting closer to the age of 30 years, they gradually reduced the duration of night rest. Age from 30 to 50 years was the most “sleepless”.

After 50 again people sleep a little longer. The scientists concluded that this dynamics reflects social activity.

The period from 20 to 50 years for the vast majority of us is the most eventful. We create families, raise children, work actively. You have to rest less.

Navigation abilities were also evaluated, the clarification of which is the main goal of the game.

Here, there was no significant difference in the performance of young participants and middle-aged participants. But they fell sharply after 54 years.


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