At the end of the year, manufacturing of devices for the Luna-26 station will begin

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — According to the head of IKI RAS Anatoly Petrukovich, work on the production of final samples of devices for the Russian orbital station “Luna-26” is planned to begin at the end of this year. He also said that at the beginning of the year, tests of the electrical interfaces of the devices were completed.

Recall, the launch of the Luna-26 device should occur in four years – in 2024. The orbital station will scan the surface of the moon, in addition, there will be a device on its board for building a 3D map of our satellite.

Next year, as part of the Russian lunar program, Roscosmos plans to launch the Luna-25 landing probe, the first draft of the initiative, on the lunar surface. Moreover, for the first time in history, the device should land in the polar region of the Earth’s satellite.

The Russian program for the exploration of the moon is designed for almost twenty years – from 2021 to 2040 and is divided into three stages. The first stage is preparatory. As part of the second phase, which is due to begin in 2026, astronauts are expected to land on the moon. After 2035, at the third stage of the initiative, the construction of the visited lunar base is planned.


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