At the bottom of the Black Sea, the ice age is not over yet

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(ORDO NEWS) — Scientific researchers believe that deep water areas have not yet begun to respond to climate change. Note that we are talking about the fact that the changes that should have happened a long time ago, began to occur only now. And this is due to the end of the ice age and a number of consequences that began to manifest themselves.

All these actions can affect the climate, that is, humanity will need to adapt to something new, reports Science Alert.

For this, a gas hydrate analysis was performed. Initial examination indicated that the hydrants interacted with water molecules.

The researchers noted that water molecules combined with a substance that looks like ice. Therefore, questions arose as to why this happened and why the moment of climate change was so delayed. All these factors indicate only one thing, that the climate changes at the bottom of the Black Sea have just begun.

The opinion of the scientific group of researchers is as follows: “We came to the conclusion that the gas hydrate system, which was located in the Danube Canal, continues to respond to gradual climate changes.

They began as a result of the end of the ice age. ” In order to double-check the information, the scientists decided to drill the seabed.

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