Asymptomatic patients with Covid-19 is growing in China

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — Some time ago, the Chinese government was going to remove from Wuhan almost all restrictions, including travel to this city. But soon Beijing announced that cases of the development of coronavirus without the occurrence of any symptoms began to become more frequent.

This is observed throughout the country.

Because of what is happening, the authorities are afraid that a second wave of a dangerous disease could begin very soon. At the end of last week, the National Commission found 78 new cases of the disease in which patients did not have any symptoms of coronavirus. On Saturday, 47 such cases were recorded.

The Chinese authorities nevertheless decided to loosen the quarantine a bit and allow partial trips to be made in the country. But those people who returned to China from abroad must observe self-isolation for two weeks.

To date, Chinese authorities have reported that 82,641 people were infected with coronavirus.

There are 3335 deaths. It is worth noting that Beijing has been criticized for not initially reporting how dangerous the infection is. Perhaps if the dangers of coronavirus had been known earlier, the number of deaths around the world could have been reduced by several times.


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