Astrophysicists say there may be life under the surface of Mars

(ORDO NEWS) — The latest research by scientists has shown that life on Mars may be located under the surface of the planet, where conditions are quite favorable for this.

The study was authored by astrophysicist Dimitar Atri. He managed to establish that under the surface of the Red Planet there are all the conditions necessary to fully support life.

There is space under the surface of Mars that is not as aggressive as on the planet itself, and yet it contains traces of water. This space has not been explored by humans before.

The astrophysicist added that the regular bombardment of the planet’s surface by cosmic rays could be an excellent source of energy that allows organic activity on Mars to be maintained. During his exploration, Atria tested the biological potential of conditions that result from cosmic ray bombardment.

Scientists believe that water is hidden in the bowels of the Red Planet, but only in the form of salt solution and ice. Due to this, various kinds of chemical reactions can occur. Through the use of a certain combination of digital models, as well as data obtained as a result of space missions, the astrophysicist identified a certain mechanism that would allow life to survive in the bowels of Mars.

This hypothesis can be tested during the next Mars mission ExoMars (2022), which is planned to be carried out by the European Space Agency and Roscosmos.

Atri put forward a hypothesis, according to which cosmic radiation can penetrate under the surface of the planet and provoke a variety of chemical reactions. They can be used by living organisms in order to obtain something that resembles metabolic energy.


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