Astrophysicists identified the habitats of elusive galaxies

(ORDO NEWS) — UDGs or ultradiffuse galaxies are small galaxies in which stars are scattered over great distances. A feature of these objects is that they have a very low level of brightness, so finding them is extremely problematic.

Astronomers have managed to find several of these elusive galaxies through the use of simulations. They are located in those regions of the Universe that have a fairly low density. The results of the study were published in the scientific journal Nature Astronomy.

Laura Sayles said that the find demonstrated that previously assumed theories regarding the formation of galaxies are wrong. Completely extinct dwarfs must be in clusters in order to gradually lose their gas. In this case, the detected elusive galaxies were isolated. Experts traced their appearance and found that the stars appeared in those orbits that are outside the clusters.

Scientists noted that many billions of years ago, these objects were satellites of huge systems. After that, for some unknown reason, they were thrown into an elliptical orbit. According to experts, isolated UDGs may account for about 25% of all existing ultradiffuse galaxies.


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