Astrophysicist told what will happen if you fall into a black hole

(ORDO NEWS) — Black holes are objects with a high density and very strong gravity. Not even light can escape from them if it enters the black hole.

For a long time, there was practically no information about these objects, but recently scientists began to understand more about what a black hole is and what laws of physics it obeys.

A very interesting question is what will happen to a person if he finds himself inside such a powerful space object?

Astrophysicist Becky Smetherst says black holes aren’t really what they’re called. It is more like a very dense mass of matter. At the same time, it will not act as a “gate” that leads to a certain place.

“You can’t say that black holes are black, because in fact they are considered the brightest objects in the entire universe.

At the same time, radiation will occur from the area around the black hole.

The surrounding matter can glow in different ranges and emit radio radiation,” Smethurst says.

Black holes have their own event horizon. This is a certain point, upon reaching which matter cannot return. Beyond the event horizon is a singularity, the single point where the incredibly large mass of a black hole resides.

“If a person finds himself inside a black hole, the process of spaghettification will begin with his body.

The closer a person is to the object, the more his body will begin to stretch.

The process will be incredibly painful,” the astrophysicist added.

An interesting point is that if a person is at a safe distance from a black hole, he will see a completely different picture.

As you approach the event horizon, the black hole will appear larger. She is able to bend light so that it appears much larger than it really is.

Scientists say that the process of spaghettification may not begin immediately after crossing the event horizon.

This will be affected by the size of the black hole, because there can be a very large distance between the event horizon and the singularity.

Also, Smethurst does not rule out that a person can live inside a black hole for quite a long time, because his sense of time will change very much.


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