Astronomers worried: Thousands of new satellites scheduled for orbit

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — Since the launch of the first satellite in 1957, the orbit around the Earth has become an increasingly congested environment, and today it has more than 2,200 satellites.

These satellites – along with launch vehicle components and debris from mechanical destruction, collisions and explosions – now fill this region with a “fog” of space debris.

And the area is becoming increasingly busy. Over the past few weeks, SpaceX has launched 60 new satellites as part of its Starlink program.

Thus, currently, a total of about 400 Starlink satellites are in low Earth orbit as part of a program whose goal is to provide affordable satellite Internet access for everyone. In the end, this program could place about 12,000 satellites in orbit around the Earth.

Therefore, space agencies such as NASA and ESA have developed space debris tracking research programs to monitor debris and develop strategies to control them.

There is no doubt that with the increasing use and commercialization of space, we increase the risk of catastrophic events related to orbital debris.

Agencies, both state and commercial, should recognize this and support efforts to reduce the likelihood of such events by taking measures to remove existing debris and reduce the likelihood of additional debris by removing excess satellites and other spacecraft.

Only when we solve the problem of space debris, our window and the path to space will really be fully open.


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