Astronomers warned of the approach to Earth of a 700-meter asteroid

(ORDO NEWS) — March 2 is expected to approach the asteroid 1999 RM45 with a length of 680 meters. The body moves straight towards the globe. The NASA Research Center has estimated the distance to be 2.9 million kilometers.

According to some measurements, the speed of movement of a body is 20 km / s. Fortunately, there is no threat to the planet, although the distance is rather small in space.

Asteroid 1999 RM45 fell into the Apollo group. One revolution around the Sun takes 796 Earth days, that is, a little over two years. The diameter of the body is 7 times the size of Big Ben.

Calculations have shown that the rapprochement is expected at 21:52 Kiev time. There is no reason to worry, experts said.


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