Astronomers told what color the sun really is

(ORDO NEWS) — Experts note that a variety of factors can influence how a person perceives color. They also include the structure of the human eye. Astronomical observations have demonstrated that the Sun can emit light in absolutely all existing wavelengths.

The radiation will be recorded in different parts of the electromagnetic spectrum. The only exception to this situation is gamma rays. This is reported by Science Focus.

In order to establish the temperature of a star’s surface, researchers use peak radiation. It should be noted that it is the peak wavelength that is responsible for what color the object acquires.

For example, if the star is cold, then it will be red. Hotter objects appear orange or blue. If the temperature of the star is average, then the color will be white or yellow.

When it comes to the Sun, the maximum spectrum is reached on that part of the wave that a person can perceive as green. At the same time, the star also emits other visible colors, which are combined into white.

The sun appears yellow due to the influence of the atmosphere of our planet, in which there is a scattering of mostly blue, not red. Due to the lack of blue color, the luminary and seems to people yellow.

Sunsets or sunrises cause blue to dissipate almost completely. This leads to the fact that the Sun is already perceived as orange or even sometimes red.


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