Astronomers solved the 50-year-old mystery of Jupiter

(ORDO NEWS) — Experts conducted another study, taking into account the data provided by three different observatories at once. With his help, it was possible to unravel the mystery of the “energy crisis” of the planet Jupiter.

The research results were published in the scientific journal Nature.

Jupiter is at a fairly large distance from the Sun, so the temperature on it should be low enough.

In fact, it can reach 426 degrees Celsius. Experts have been trying for 50 years to unravel the secret of extra warmth. It should be noted that this phenomenon is called the “energy crisis” of Jupiter.

Astronomers have found that the planet’s incredibly powerful aurora, which is the most intense in the entire solar system, heats the upper atmosphere.

The aurora occurs as a result of the collision of electrically charged particles with the magnetic field of a planet.

On Earth, the aurora is represented by a real light show. In the case of Jupiter, the particles come from the moon of Io, which has a huge number of volcanoes. They cause the temperature in the upper atmosphere to reach incredible levels.

Some time ago, experts already assumed that the cause of the heating of the planet was precisely the aurora, but they could not prove the hypothesis put forward.


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