Astronomers showed a star in which planets began to “be born”

(ORDO NEWS) — At a distance of 470 light-years from Earth is a young star DM Tau, which is almost half the size of the Sun.

The age of DM Tau is estimated at 5 million years, which makes it an extremely interesting object for research.

Around DM Tau, there is a clear protoplanetary disk, which is a dense accumulation of gas and dust, from which planets, satellites, asteroids and other space bodies will be formed.

The picture shows that the protoplanetary disk consists, as it were, of two sections

The brightest and relatively narrow is the formation region of rocky planets (such as Mercury , Venus , Earth and Mars ).

Dimmer and wider is the birth region of gas and ice giants (such as Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus or Neptune).

Based on the theory of the formation of the solar system , scientists came to the conclusion that in about 10-20 million years, planets will already appear in the orbit of DM Tau, which will take another several tens of millions of years to “self-organize” to ensure the stability of the system.

By observing DM Tau, astronomers are getting closer to understanding the details of how the Sun was born about 4.6 billion years ago, and a little later, the eight planets of the solar system.

On one of them, called the Earth, an amazing variety of flora, fauna and curious humanity appeared, which realized its connection with the Universe and is trying to unravel its secrets.


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