Astronomers show what the Milky Way will look like in a million years

(ORDO NEWS) — Thanks to modern technology, scientists have been able to accurately track the stars that enter our galaxy. With the help of the Gaia telescope, it was possible to observe the trajectory of motion of about 40 thousand stars, which are scattered within 326 light years from the Sun. With the help of observations and calculations, it turned out to find out the fate of the Milky Way.

In the course of calculations, scientists looked 1.6 million years ahead. Visualization made it possible to clearly demonstrate which stars will appear in the future in the sky.

In the above video, you can observe some cosmic web, which is actually the trajectory of the bodies. Stars are characterized by migration that drags on for entire epochs. The further away the object, the shorter the line. Thus, an illusion is created to showcase nearby and distant stars.

The rendering was done against the background of the Sun, which makes it appear that the shift is happening to the right. Scientists plan to create larger scale models. Thus, due to the latest developments, we can find out how the galaxy will look in the distant future and what awaits it in general.


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