Astronomers recorded mysterious radio signals emitted by round objects

(ORDO NEWS) — Astronomers have detected strange radio signals in space, the explanation of the origin of which at the moment is not possible. They caught them with the help of special radio telescopes. Mysterious objects that emit signals are distinguished by a round shape and a bright glow around the edges. To some extent, they resemble huge rings or bubbles.

A team of specialists, together with astrophysicist Ray Norris, gave these objects the name ORC. Researchers added that elements of a circular nature were repeatedly found in radio astronomy pictures. In most cases, these are spherical objects and they are the remnants of a planetary nebula, the face disk, the remains of a supernova and so on. But the objects discovered now cannot be attributed to the existing classification, because they have completely different parameters. This may turn out, according to scientists, another, new class of objects of astronomical origin.

For the first time, objects of this type were discovered using the most sensitive Pathfinder radio telescope at the end of last year. When experts began to study the images obtained using the radio telescope, they noticed a rather strange circle. After that, they found several more similar objects. Details of the study were described in detail in the article.

Scientists are confident that everything that provokes the emergence of ORC, most likely, is located outside our galaxy. This very much resembles a spherical shock wave of incredible strength that arose as a result of a large-scale event in space. At the moment, experts continue to conduct research to obtain more information about the detected objects.


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