Astronomers have told what will happen to the human body on Mars

(ORDO NEWS) — Many people are interested in the possibility of colonizing Mars, but this idea looks attractive only on the screen. In real life, everything is completely different.

There are many problems not only with how to get to the planet. During colonization, people may develop serious health problems. Space travel can lead to death, so it is dangerous to even visit Mars, let alone live there.

Weightlessness has an extremely negative effect on the human body. Radiation, high pressure, insulation also have a bad effect. Experts say that even landing on Mars will be a real feat for humans.

It is incredibly dangerous to live there, but in the future, special technologies will be created that will make this journey possible. Today it is impossible to live on the Red Planet.

Heart problems

Living on Mars can lead to or significantly increase the risk of a heart attack. Employees of the University of California in San Francisco say that a long stay in outer space causes severe exhaustion of the cardiovascular system.

The reason for this is that a person is simultaneously affected by radiation and at the same time there is no gravity, so the circulatory system cannot fully function.

Rapid aging

Gravity is involved in the process of restoring bones and cells. Its absence will lead to the fact that part of the bone mass will be lost.

Because of this, people who will live on Mars will encounter fractures more often. At the same time, bone density will gradually begin to decrease, which will cause early aging of skeletal components.

Sun burns

The Earth has a magnetosphere that protects against radiation. Mars has no such natural protection, so everyone who will live on this planet will get severe sunburn.

Astronauts say that this is only a small part of the problems that humanity will face during the colonization of Mars. In the movies, the situation with the Red Planet is overly embellished and rarely talks about what a real colonizer might actually face.


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