Astronomers have suggested that the Earth will burn just like Venus

(ORDO NEWS) — Volcanoes on Venus have turned the planet into a “hell”, the same threatens the Earth.

These conclusions were reached by an international group of scientists from NASA‘s Goddard Institute for Space Research, who published an article in The Planetary Science Journal.

The temperature on Venus rises above 464°C, enough to melt lead and any spacecraft. However, in ancient times, the planet had an atmosphere similar to that of Earth, and it could even have water on it.

Experts studied the consequences of the emergence of large igneous provinces – LIP. These are huge deposits of magma that result from the rupture of the earth’s crust.

At this time, tons of greenhouse gases rise into the air, dramatically changing the climate for the worse. It was they who provoked changes in the atmosphere of Venus.

On Earth, scientists have also managed to detect several LIPs. Based on geological data, the researchers concluded that multiple manifestations of LIP could occur at intervals of a million years. If this happens on Earth, then it can repeat the fate of Venus.


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