Astronomers have reported a massive black hole that is moving towards Earth at a speed of 110 km per second

(ORDO NEWS) — Outside of our galaxy, there is a huge black hole, millions of times the mass of the sun, and it is approaching the Earth.

This black hole is located at the center of the Large Andromeda Galaxy and is approaching us at a speed of 110 kilometers per second. Andromeda is the nearest and much larger neighbor of the Milky Way.

At the center of galaxies there is a supermassive black hole around which stars revolve. But the powerful gravitational pull of the Milky Way and Andromeda will eventually pull them together.

“There is a black hole at the center of the Milky Way. And it’s not just a black hole, it’s a supermassive black hole with a mass of more than 4.1 million times that of the sun.

It is located in the constellation Sagittarius. It is located only 26,000 light years from us.

And as we speak, it tears apart entire stars and star systems, from time to time devouring them, increasing its mass, like a voracious shark, ”says astronomer Kane.

However, due to Andromeda’s sheer size, there will only be one winner left in this gigantic clash.

Since Andromeda is 2.5 million light-years away, it would take over four billion years for it to reach us, so we’re safe for now.

Kane said: “The panic will start the moment the Milky Way collides with Andromeda, which is about 4 billion years from now.

All of a sudden you have two whole clouds of stars interacting in all sorts of ways.”

“Stars that would be safe will fly past other stars, deviate downward and head into the mouth of either of the two supermassive black holes.

The mass of the Andromeda black hole is 100 million times the mass of the Sun.


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