Astronomers have found the coldest place in the solar system

(ORDO NEWS) — The eastern part of Queen Maud Land, which is located in Antarctica, is considered the coldest place on our planet.

In some areas, the temperature can reach -92 degrees. If we consider other places in the solar system, we can find those that are several times colder.

The coldest planet is considered to be Uranus, the temperature of which is much lower than that of Neptune. At the same time, Uranus is closer to the Sun than Neptune.

Experts noted that not always everything is logical in the solar system. The average temperature on Uranus is -195 degrees.

At the same time, space is quite spacious, so it makes sense that Uranus isn’t really the coldest place. Of course, an ice planet of enormous size is not exactly a welcoming place.

Such a low temperature, as well as the presence of an atmosphere consisting of helium, methane and hydrogen, indicate that no organism can survive on Uranus.

At the same time, there may be a place on the Earth‘s satellite where the temperature is even lower.

Some time ago, S. Byrne and P. O’Brien from the University of Arizona found that there are regions on the Moon that are constantly in shadow.

They are considered the coldest places in our solar system. It is worth noting that these areas do not get solar heat for billions of years.

Permanently shaded regions are located in close proximity to the south and north poles of the Earth’s satellite.

There is no direct sunlight, so the temperature is incredibly low. They can heat up a little only due to the reflected heat, but even it does not fall on some areas.

In these parts of the Moon there are depressions where neither direct solar light nor secondary heat sources fall at all. It is these places that experts consider the coldest.

The study showed that the temperature in them can reach -248 degrees. The only place where it can be even colder is the mysterious Oort cloud.

This is a remote area that consists of pieces of debris covered in ice. Their size is incredibly large. In this cloud, the temperature can be about -268 degrees.

It is worth paying attention to the fact that until today it has not been possible to confirm instrumentally that the Oort cloud really exists.


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